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Summer Reading

Did you know that children lose reading skills when they don’t read over the summer? In fact, a lack of summer
reading can result in a reading skill decline of two to three months. We can put books in front of our children, but
how do we motivate them to read over the summer?

The answer: The Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza 

Read-a Palooza is designed to develop lifelong readers by encouraging reading for fun during the summer. Through Scholastic Home Base— a free digital destination which offer stories, characters, and games — kids will make new friends, earn virtual rewards, and help unlock book donations for kids with limited or no access to books by starting and keeping “reading streaks” when they read every day over the summer.
Here are a few more ways you can help your child set and achieve reading goals this summer:
  • Kick off summer reading at our schools Virtual Book Fair! Discover new books sure to keep kids reading all
    summer. https://www.scholastic.com/bf/hfcasummerreading2020  
  • Start a family book club and enjoy reading the same book together.
  • Encourage reading at least 20 minutes everyday with library visits, storytime at home and conversations about books.
  • Let your child see you reading. Children who observe their parents reading become better readers themselves.
  • Help your child log reading minutes on the Read-a-Palooza website or app.
  • Create a HOMEBASE account where kids can create their own avatar, interact with their favorite Scholastic
    characters, play games and read books. https://www.scholastic.com/homebase 
  • Investigate different reading material and genre as well as different book trailers.

Our wonderful Librarians have provided lists of the Monarch and Bluestem Award winners. These books are 2021 nominees by the AISLE (Association of Illinois School Library Educators.) Students vote for the winners in the spring based on the books they have read.  Most students know them as Monarch nominees (for grades Kindergarten through 3) and Bluestem (for grades 3-5).  
Monarch logo        monarch logo
Our librarians have provided our students with a special feature to help navigate the Monarch and Bluestem Award winners. Click on the links below to access and listen to book talks prepared for each of the winners. Enjoy your summer reading!