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Health Forms

Holy Family Catholic Academy follows the Illinois State Board of Education and the School Code of Illinois which requires the following health forms to be completed and submitted for review prior to the beginning of school.

Please note:
  • No child is able to attend school until all required health forms have been received and reviewed for compliance.
  • All health forms be submitted to the school office by August 1. Each form should be dated between August 2017 and August 2018.
The following forms are required and available below.

  • New preschool students need a Medical Form. (Returning preschool students have no medical requirements.)
  • All kindergarten students (new and returning) need Medical, Dental, and Eye Forms.
  • All new HFCA students in grades 1-8 need Medical, Dental and Eye Forms.
  • All 2nd grade students need a Dental Form.
  • All 6th grade students need a Medical and Dental Form.
  • Every student with a medical condition requiring medication while at school needs a Medical Authorization Form. *
  • Every student with an allergy requiring medication in school needs a FAAP. 
  • In the event there is a medical condition that requires a student's physical activity to be omitted or modified please complete the Exclude from Physical Activity Form.
* All medication is due to the school office along with the paperwork by August 1st in order to review the medical orders and medications with each teacher.