Announcing our new HFCA Podcast!

HFCA uses a variety of communication tools to reach our parents and other interested parties. We are excited to announce that we recently launched our first podcast on the Podbean app.

One of the greatest advantages of communicating with a podcast is flexibility. Our parents are often very busy with not a lot of time to sit and read lengthy emails. Podcasts offer 24/7 access, can be downloaded to any mobile device, and listened to any day, anytime, anywhere.

Our podcasts are dedicated to “all things IB,” says Mrs. Colleen Biere, International Baccalaureate World School Coordinator at HFCA and host of our podcast, ib@hfca. The episodes vary to include interviews with parents who chose HFCA because we are an IB World School, teachers who are trained to implement our curriculum using the IB framework, and students who share how they continue learning outside of the classroom. In short, the podcasts focus on how we bring the International Baccalaureate programme to action at our school.

The Podbean app is available for free on Android or iOS. Once downloaded, search for our channel ib@hfca. The episodes generally run 8-10 minutes, so you can listen to one on the way to school, in the car line, waiting at Starbucks!