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Special Subjects

HFCA balances its nationally and internationally recognized curriculum with a variety of special subjects designed to expand and develop students’ talents as they become well rounded global thinkers, leaders grounded in faith.

The framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme provides students with a balanced education based on international standards of excellence. Special subject classes are integrated into the field of study through a transdisciplinary approach to learning.

HFCA recognizes that creativity is a core skill in the 21st century workforce and our special subject classes are designed to provide a creative outlet. These classes help students identify their own unique talents and abilities while also connecting them to the larger world.  

The music program has a sequential, spiraling curriculum that is based on national and state standards. Students learn through singing, movement, listening, and playing basic rhythm instruments including choir chimes, recorders and guitars at the appropriate grade levels. Each grade level will have a set of learner statements outlining expectations for that grade level. Since music is a performing art, students will have the opportunity to participate in musical performances throughout the year. Music classes meet twice a week for 30 minutes, beginning in kindergarten, with the music teacher and once a week for pre-kindergarten students.

The art instructor meets with each class for approximately one hour weekly, beginning in kindergarten. Children learn basic art concepts and are introduced to art history and the work of various artists. Emphasis is on creativity and providing experience in various art media. In addition, the classroom teacher and the art instructor work together to integrate art activities into other areas of the curriculum. Student art work is showcased throughout the campus and on Artsonia --The World's Largest Art Museum,

Academy students receive instruction in Spanish with a focus on conversational Spanish and basic vocabulary development. The program also exposes students to the history and culture of Spanish-speaking people. Children meet with the Spanish instructor twice a week for 30 minutes each, beginning in our 5 day, full day pre-kindergarten class.

The Spanish curriculum in middle school begins with the end in mind. Spanish instruction uses the District 211 High School Spanish I curriculum spread over grades 6-8 with the goal of students placing in Spanish II upon entering high school. Middle school students receive Spanish instruction for 45 minutes, 3 days a week.  

Performing Arts: 
Performing arts are a critical medium through which to build leadership, self-esteem, discipline, and a life-long appreciation for the arts. Annually, HFCA middle school students participate in two performing arts productions under the direction of professional drama coaches. Students explore a variety of artistic expression including improvisation, dramatic reading, creative movement and performing original works created by the middle school students.Students will also participate in an annual musical production of song, dance and instrumental performances directed by Mrs. Villec, our Music Instructor.  

Physical Education:
Physical education is designed to enhance a child’s overall physical development and includes activities that are fun, engaging, and physically active. The physical education program stresses body awareness, basic motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. As students get older, they are gradually introduced to team and other organized sport activities such as volleyball and basketball. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade meet with the physical education instructor twice a week for thirty minutes each session. Students in 3- and 4-year-old preschool meet once per week with the instructor.