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IB--Primary Years Programme

HFCA is the only authorized International Baccalaureate World School--Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. PYP is designed for students in HFCA's 3-year-old preschool through 5th grade and marks the start of a lifelong journey of learning where students become active participants in their own learning--learning how to learn. 
The goal of PYP is to focus on the development of the whole child, nurturing their academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. This includes:
  • placing a strong emphasis on developing Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, which are essential for students to become effective lifelong learners. ATL skills include thinking skills, social skills, communication skills, research skills, and self-management skills. These skills are integrated into the curriculum and explicitly taught. 
  • using a transdisciplinary approach to learning, where subjects are integrated within six (four units for preschool learners) thematic units of inquiry. This approach helps students develop higher-level thinking skills, make connections, explore the relationships between academic disciplines, and learn about the world in ways that reach beyond the scope of individual subjects.
  • emphasizing the development of conceptual understanding, which helps students make connections across different disciplines and transfer their knowledge to new contexts.  
  • developing an understanding of the attributes identified in the IB Learner Profile-- the attributes which make a productive global citizen. 
  • assessing students by focusing on the development of skills and knowledge throughout the learning process. Student's progress is evaluated based on portfolios, projects, observations, and teacher feedback.
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