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HFCA in the Community

Community at HFCA is important at many levels. Establishing a community of shared values and respect is vital to establishing an optimal learning environment in our classrooms and throughout the Academy, but HFCA’s community involvement extends far beyond our physical space.

Holy Family Catholic Academy is nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to engaging learners with relevant, real world situations that impact local, national and international communities.  As teachers commit to going beyond the textbooks, beyond teaching basic facts, we look to the larger community to enhance our curriculum and strengthen our faith.

At HFCA, community involvement is a two-way street-- we invite members of the larger community in to HFCA while also providing opportunities for our students to look beyond themselves and make a difference out in our local, national and international communities.
  • Teachers harness a wide variety of community resources to engage students with authentic learning opportunities. These community members enhance students’ competencies and broaden their experiences--better preparing them for high school and beyond.  
  • Our thinking curriculum moves learners from a basic understanding of facts to make connections to important ideas and ultimately apply their learning to new situations. Learning is designed to empower students to move to action--to apply their knowledge or skills to make a difference to the larger community.


These articles highlight some of the ways HFCA students connect with the larger communities. 


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