What Does IB Look Like at HFCA?

Simply stated, IB provides an infrastructure platform from which to strengthen and enhance our curriculum and instruction. IB’s comprehensive framework, standards and practices will be used to further improve the quality of our curriculum, and ensure that we consistently focus on the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and actions that young students need to develop to be productive and successful in the 21st century. What we teach is determined by HFCA; how we teach in enhanced by IB.

The IB framework clearly complements our Catholic identity. The Catholic Church is a universal church with over 1 billion members worldwide. As our Pastor, Fr. Terry Keehan states, “IB authorization is consistent with our calling to be one, holy Catholic church.” Many of our current inquiry-learning units are tied to Catholic Social Teachings, and that will continue with IB. HFCA’s pursuit of IB Candidacy is fully supported and encouraged by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Catholic Schools.

Implementing the IB framework requires our faculty and staff to work extensively to collaborate between the grade levels and within content areas. This vertical and horizontal alignment of our curriculum ensures that each grade is increasing challenging and content areas such as English, Math and Science are clearly aligned with Archdiocesan, State of Illinois and National Standards (e.g. Next Generation Science Standards).

The IB framework has developed four programmes for international education, and each programme has its own candidacy process. HFCA intends to have all grades receive official IB authorization. While we are authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School in our primary years programme (PYP), our middle school teachers are also part of this process and are using terms and teaching methods consistent with the IB framework. This will ensure students from the PYP grades (preschool through grade 5) transition seamlessly to middle school. 

Two key aspects of the IB framework include an emphasis on transdisciplinary learning and the IB learner profile​​​​​​​. 
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