What Does IB Look Like at HFCA?

IB provides a platform from which to strengthen and enhance HFCA's curriculum and instruction. IB’s comprehensive framework, standards, and practices are used to further improve the quality of our curriculum, and ensure that we consistently focus on the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and actions that young students need to develop to be productive and successful global citizens.
What we teach (the curriculum) is determined by HFCA; how we teach is based on the worldwide best practices of IB.
IB framework is:
  • student-centered,
  • develops effective approaches to teaching and learning,
  • works within global contexts, helping students understand different languages and cultures,
  • explores significant content, developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding that meets rigorous international standards.
  • Grounded in contemporary educational research.
The graphics below explain IB's Approaches to Teaching and Approaches to Learning.
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