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Elementary Grades (K-5)

Holy Family offers a refreshingly unique community of students, teachers and parents working together to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for global life-long learners. Using the framework of the International Baccalaureate World School, our “thinking curriculum” is designed to develop confident individuals who can communicate well and are comfortable learning new things and coping with change. These qualities will thoroughly prepare our students for the next level of education as well as life in the 21st Century.

Hallmarks of our elementary grades include:
  • Full-Day Kindergarten program which provides an opportunity not available in area public schools. With twice as much time spent in the classroom, children have the opportunity to really prepare for their 1st grade experience, no matter where that experience takes place.
  • An average student-to-teacher ratio of less than 10:1. This ratio is significantly lower than other area schools, and accomplished by our use of Teacher Assistants. Using two teachers in the instruction of core subjects allows us to differentiate instruction.
  • Teachers use a combination of whole class and small group instruction to create a learning environment that is supportive and nurturing while also challenging.
  • Teachers work closely with colleagues to identify and implement best practices in curriculum and are involved in professional development, training and mentoring. These best practices earned HFCA nation-wide recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary Teaching and Learning, a 2-time award winner as a Catholic School for Tomorrow for Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction, and the only middle school program in Illinois to be STEM Certified.
  • Inquiry-based learning, a student-centered approach to learning expands teaching beyond the textbook. Each grade from Kindergarten through 5th uses inquiry-based learning to study science and social studies.
  • Literacy is emphasized in the elementary grades. In addition to the ability to read and write, our curriculum also stresses literacy in math and technology.
  • Technology is embedded throughout the curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with multiple devices to support research, creativity, and differentiated learning. Kindergarten through Grade 2 students are introduced to iPads and Grades 3 through 5 use one-to-one Chromebooks and cloud computing to enhance their learning.
  • A new, fully-equipped science lab, in addition to our middle school lab, is dedicated to supporting our science curriculum grounded in the Next Generation Science Standards. This lab is an ideal environment to study science in a hands-on manner, use authentic equipment, and learn skills only found in genuine lab experiences.
  • Our Catholic faith is integrated into everything we do at HFCA. It is the foundation through which we develop teacher-to-student and student-to-student relationships. In addition to celebrating weekly Mass as a school community, Sacramental preparation occurs in Grade 2, (First Eucharist) and Grade 4 (Reconciliation). We warmly welcome students of different faiths.
  • Our curriculum is enhanced with Special Subject classes including Art, Music, Physical Education and Spanish.