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HFCA Principal Recognized for Excellence

Holy Family Catholic Academy's Principal, Mrs. Kate O'Brien was recently recognized by the Archdiocese of Chicago for relentlessly fostering excellence in education. In presenting the St. Thomas Aquinas Award, Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools, noted Mrs. O'Brien's commitment to rigor, continuous improvement and emphasis on 21st century instructional practices.

HFCA's Student Council's Glow Run Was a Huge Success!

Thank you to all the Student Council members, faculty, and runners who made the Glow Run so much fun! We had over 100 runners from preschool through grade 5 participate to raise money for cancer research. Check out our photo album on Facebook.

Announcing our new HFCA Podcast!

HFCA uses a variety of communication tools to reach our busy parents and other interested parties. We are excited to announce that we recently launched our first podcast on the Podbean app.

Welcome to My House--HFCA's middle school uses best practices to build community and belonging

Holy Family Catholic Academy (Inverness) has received accolades for its nationally and internationally recognized curriculum and instruction. But, at HFCA learning is so much more than test scores and academic achievement. States Principal, Mrs. Kate O’Brien, “Our goal is to develop the whole child and foster an environment where each child is known and supported academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.”

“We’ve Always Done it This Way,” Said No Innovator Ever!

Problem solving is more than finding the right answer-- it is focusing on asking the right questions. And sometimes, those questions require an open mind to challenge long held traditions. Recently, Holy Family Catholic Academy (Inverness) set out to solve a problem and ended up questioning an age-old tradition.

How does HFCA measure a successful kindergartener? It's not what you think.

School is out. Summer is here. Kindergarten graduation is a memory. But for parents and educators alike, this is a perfect time to reflect on the learning that occurred in the critical first year of elementary school. Success at HFCA is measured when their youngest learners become leaders and move their newly gained knowledge to action.

25% of HFCA's Class of '15 Named Illinois State Scholars!

25% of HFCA's Class of '15 Named Illinois State Scholars
HFCA's mission is to prepare students for high school and beyond. As we celebrate the Class of 2015's graduation from high school, we are delighted to acknowledge six students who were named 2019 Illinois State Scholars.

Would You Trust Your Elementary Student to Draft Your Honest Policy? HFCA Did!

Problem solving and teamwork skills are hallmarks of Holy Family Catholic Academy's nationally and internationally recognized curriculum. Students master reading, writing, and math skills, but the Inverness school expands this knowledge by applying students' learning to solve authentic problems. It is this step that develops higher level critical thinking skills. Recently, students were asked to use their problem solving and teamwork skills to draft a school policy.

What to Expect in Middle School Parent Presentation 3.18.19

What to Expect in Middle School Parent Presentation 3.18.19
HFCA's middle school creates connections that prepare students for high school and beyond. View Principal O'Brien's opening slides and text of Audrey Pazur's (HFCA '15) thoughtful speech.
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