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Holy Family Catholic Academy recognizes the importance of developing the whole student. HFCA’s athletics program develops students physically, mentally, and socially while also teaching important life skills including the importance of hard work and teamwork. No previous athletic experience is required and all students interested in playing are encouraged to participate. 

The attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile help our athletes learn to be:
  • Courageous-- stepping outside of their comfort zone to try new activities and learning when to take risks.
  • Principled-- adhering to codes of fair play, developing self-control, and treating coaches, officials, teammates, and opponents with respect.
  • Reflective-- understanding each individual’s strengths and identifying ways to improve.
  • Balanced-- taking the entire athletic experience into account; sports are more than just winning or losing.
  • Caring-- encouraging team members on and off the court; developing empathy to become humble winners and gracious losers.
  • Knowledgeable-- applying self-discipline to learn the rules and skills of each respective sport.
  • Thinkers-- making smart choices regarding time management and creatively finding ways to improve.
  • Open-minded-- accepting new challenges and responsibility.
  • Inquirers-- finding new ways to handle pressure and develop concentration.
  • Communicators-- listening to others' ideas and compromising when working as a team.
Holy Family Catholic Academy offers year-round athletics for students in grades 4 through 8.
  • Fall sports: co-ed cross country, golf, girls' volleyball, and cheerleading.
  • Winter sports: girls and boys basketball and cheerleading.
  • Spring sport: track and field.
Registration closes prior to the beginning of each respective sports season.

Complete athletic registration now! Fall sports sign-ups close Friday, August 25th. 


Registration will remain open for winter and spring athletics, but billing will not occur until rosters have been created for each sport.


Registered athletes will receive a link to our athletics-only storefront to purchase warm-up jerseys, bags, etc. The store will be open for two weeks to all those who have signed up for athletics.

If you are interested in coaching opportunities or would like more information about our athletic program, please contact our Athletic Director, John Martin at [email protected]