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Our Faith

HFCA's faith-based education provides a foundation for spiritual growth, moral decision making, and service to others. As thinkers, leaders grounded in faith we are all called, no matter our age, to learn about important issues, seek to affect change, and respond to people in need by being the hands and feet of Jesus.
Faith is integrated into everything we do at HFCA as we strive to educate the whole child’s academic, social, and spiritual development.
  • We all need a sense of belonging. A place of safety where we can grow and learn. Building a strong classroom and Academy-wide community is a priority at HFCA.
    • Students collaboratively draft and agree upon an Essential Agreement for their classroom. More than a set of rules, these agreements focus on the values that will contribute to an optimal, respectful learning environment.
    • Each classroom is part of a larger community or neighborhood within the school. Neighborhoods are made up of a cross-section of 4 classrooms, and within the neighborhood are "buddy groups" consisting of a member of each of those classrooms. Buddies get to know each other by attending weekly mass together, working on social outreach projects, and supporting each other in learning. These multi-age relationships teach important social skills and create an opportunity to further strengthen the bonds of our caring community.
    • A vibrant parent community is critical to the success of the Academy as we partner together in a supportive community.
  • Families of all Christian and non-Christian faiths are welcomed and respected.
  • Many of our Inquiry-based learning units are linked to Catholic social teachings further integrating our faith to academics. Click to see our Catholic Social Teachings website created by our middle school students.
  • Our faith promotes social and emotional learning and helps students manage emotions and increase empathy. These skills help resolve conflicts and reinforce the importance of making thoughtful decisions.
  • As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, the IB Learner Profile is clearly aligned with the school’s faith-based education and complements our Catholic values, morals, and principles.
  • ​Throughout the year, our students participate in a number of outreach activities which move their learning to action and include:
    • Food drives,
    • PADS service projects,
    • Contributions to our military men and women,
    • Outreach through Catholic Extension Society, clothing drives, and
    • Care for God’s creation through our Outdoor Classroom.