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Welcome to My House--HFCA's middle school uses best practices to build community and belonging

Holy Family Catholic Academy (Inverness) has received accolades for its nationally and internationally recognized curriculum and instruction. But, at HFCA learning is so much more than test scores and academic achievement. States Principal, Mrs. Kate O’Brien, “Our goal is to develop the whole child and foster an environment where each child is known and supported academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.”
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Would You Trust Your Elementary Student to Draft Your Honest Policy? HFCA Did!

Problem solving and teamwork skills are hallmarks of Holy Family Catholic Academy's nationally and internationally recognized curriculum. Students master reading, writing, and math skills, but the Inverness school expands this knowledge by applying students' learning to solve authentic problems. It is this step that develops higher level critical thinking skills. Recently, students were asked to use their problem solving and teamwork skills to draft a school policy.
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