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At HFCA Ordinary Kids Do Extraordinary Things

January is a time of reflection as we await the possibilities of a new year and ponder new goals. Sometimes inspiration for change comes from unexpected sources–like first grade students at Holy Family Catholic Academy, in Inverness.

The Spirit of Thanksgiving--Alum Gives Back, and HFCA Students Pay it Forward

The celebration of Thanksgiving at many schools focuses on a meal shared by Native Americans and Pilgrims hundreds of years ago. Few students in northwest suburban Chicago are aware of 21st-century life on American Indian Reservations. Sixth grade students at Holy Family Catholic Academy met with one of the Inverness school’s alums, Jack Rosenwinkel, who provided a first-hand account of the culture, joys, and challenges of living on a reservation in southwestern South Dakota.

New Family Applications

Applications for 2- year-old preschool through grade 8 begins on Monday, January 31 at 9:00 AM. **PLEASE CLICK** "Read full story" to begin. All applications are date and time-stamped. Questions? Please contact Deb Atkins ([email protected]) 847-907-3461.

Behind HFCA’s Award Winning Students is an Award Winning Teacher

This past year Holy Family Catholic Academy (Inverness) middle school students won seven awards from outside organizations. The entire community recognized and applauded these hard working students who went above and beyond to create exemplary work. What is often assumed, but not always recognized is that behind these talented students are teachers who inspire, challenge, and encourage their students to excel. Recently, HFCA was delighted to announce that Middle School Teacher, Mrs. Eileen Paparone was publicly recognized as an outstanding educator.

1st place trophy presented

Our 4th/5th girls volleyball team presented their 1st place trophy to Fr. Terry and Mrs. O'Brien at our all school Mass.

Preschool Parent Curriculum Night

Preschool Parent Curriculum Night is Thursday, 8/12. Your student's teacher will offer two presentation times tomorrow night at 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM via Zoom. (Yay, no need for babysitters!!) Check email for Zoom links.

HFCA Artists’ Hopeful Reflections Win Awards

More awards for HFCA's middle school students! Two seventh grade students at recently won awards for using their knowledge, artistic talents, and faith to express hope for a better future for many people suffering in our communities.

NASA Lands at HFCA, 4th grade Launches Inquiry (Unit)

Holy Family Catholic Academy (Inverness) 4th-grade students were introduced to Mr. Kevin Metrocavage, NASA’s International Space Station Operations Manager and Space Operations Center Manager. What an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to ask a NASA scientist questions about the subject they are studying in 4th grade.
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