Middle School


Holy Family Catholic Academy was the first middle school in Illinois to earn STEM Certification. This distinction demonstrates our commitment to preparing students for the rigors of high school and beyond.

To that end, HFCA maintains the highest quality curriculum that equals or exceeds area high schools' entrance expectations and establishes high standards of work for all students to ensure a successful transition to high school.

Equally important to the development and well-being of adolescents is the sense of belonging. HFCA purposefully focuses on creating important connections with our middle school students.  Our teachers are continually looking at ways to improve the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our students. 

Connecting with faith.  HFCA's faith-based environment stresses service to others, spiritual growth, and moral decision-making.

Connecting with teachers. Students build individual relationships with their teachers as they continue to interact with caring adults. Our dedicated teachers participate in focused professional development that addresses the unique social and emotional needs of adolescents.

Connecting with other students. The blending of grades 6-8 for STEM, performing arts, and other classes builds a stronger community, nurtures tolerance, and challenges students to work in diverse teams in high school and beyond.

Connecting learning. Instruction focuses on authentic learning that connects what students are taught to real-world issues, problems, and applications. When learning mirrors real-life contexts students are more engaged, motivated, and better prepared to succeed in high school and beyond. 

Connecting with higher learning. Relationships are developed with area high schools to align, strengthen, and share curriculum. Building relationships helps HFCA use data-driven evidence to advocate for our students' placements.