HFCA and Ron Clark Academy


Why Ron Clark Academy?

Common Goals Between HFCA and RCA


HFCA strives to continuously improve the education we offer our students. Our student-centered, team approach to educating our middle school students attracted us to Ron Clark Academy (RCA), an internationally recognized model middle school in Atlanta. 


Located in Atlanta, the school is known for its academic rigor, high expectations, creative and innovative teaching methods, and passionate climate and culture. HFCA Middle School teachers visited RCA to see what they could learn to better HFCA's middle school.


What drew HFCA to visit RCA and what did HFCA learn from this visit?


While on its face, there does not seem to be many similarities between HFCA and RCA—the two schools vary geographically, midwest versus southeast; demographically, suburban versus urban; and parochial versus private charter school.  But, the common thread that unites HFCA and RCA is a focus on academic rigor, supportive student-centered learning, innovative and compassionate teachers, emphasis on developing leaders, and an environment of belonging created through strong relationships with teachers, students, and families. 


Perhaps the most significant aspect of the visit was learning about the Ron Clark Academy House System.